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How to Grow Your Online Presence with Content-Driven Marketing

As we’re all aware, the online world continues to evolve. With the introduction of new forms of media, like social snippets to 10-second video worlds, new ways of interaction between people have generated both excitement but also some confusion around how to promote...

Technical Marketing™

In this post, we will go over Technical Marketing™ Theory and how to effectively improve site performance and reach with 3 strategies.

Marketing Brew #1

Technical Marketing Tips and Advice by Blue Genie MarketingWelcome to our very first edition of our “Marketing Brew”  Our intention is to make this...

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Technical Marketing™

Technical Marketing™ Ahh...the old ways of marketing...it feels like just yesterday all you had to do was put a sign on your door, pay for a listing...

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How to Build a Page in Divi

How to Build a Page in Divi In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to build a page in the powerful WordPress visual builder, Divi. This should...

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How to Remove Divi Sidebar

How to Remove Divi Sidebar In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to remove the standard Divi Sidebar that permeates the Divi theme, opening up...

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