How to Grow Your Online Presence with Content-Driven Marketing

As we’re all aware, the online world continues to evolve. With the introduction of new forms of media, like social snippets to 10-second video worlds, new ways of interaction between people have generated both excitement but also some confusion around how to promote and succeed products, services, or even ideas.

The biggest tool the online world has given us is the ability to easily gather information about our potential customers, test ideas in an easy and data-centric way, and to analyze all our interactions and offerings via analytics tools.

Despite the new technologies with all of these tools, some core principles remain unchanged. For one, branding, in the sense of presenting your message and who you are, still plays a central role in the engagement of potential customers. Content driven marketing can be an extension of your branding, but it’s more than that.


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What is Content Driven Marketing, and Why It’s Fundamental?

While the online world has made it easier for even the smallest voice to reach further than ever before, it also made some things more difficult. Perhaps the most important of these is the ability to form trust with your audience. Trust is an incredibly valuable commodity in being able to promote your business to new audiences.

That’s why our advice to anyone who wants to promote anything online is first to slow down, relative to how things used to be done when promoting something. In the old days, if you had a good product for a good price, and you found the right group of people who needed them and were willing to pay money for it, the light at the end of the tunnel was clear. Now, online, you need to build trust before people will even talk to you. As you can imagine, trust is a lot easier to earn in person inherently, and understandably. When you’re seeing the person you’re talking with, it’s simpler and easier to trust them. In the digital world, where there are so many more people claiming to do all these services without a physical appearance and we get inundated day in and day out with similar offerings, it’s very hard to know what to trust. In short, focus on building trust first and foremost.

The easiest way to build trust is to show yourself and your offerings. And the way to do that is to inform, educate and solve problems for your audience. While it’s easier than ever to loudly promote our message online it’s actually a better strategy to take a step back and focus on quality of reach over quantity of reach. Taking the time and showing who we are and what we’re here for in relation to what people need is more important than ever. In some ways, we almost have to forget about selling anything, but instead, be in the position of sharing important information and demonstrate our intention clearly and loudly that we are trying to help. And, this cannot be done in some kind of disguise fashion. It has to be genuine or it will be felt and heard that it’s not real. Figuring out what it is we want to share and display efforts to be sure how we want to share that and what we want to share in a clear, continuous, and distinct manner is fundamental in digital marketing. And, that’s what we call content driven marketing.

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