Discovery and Foundation Package

Data-driven marketing starts with data, and we usually need to do this work for all our new clients. Since we want to take most of the guesswork out of marketing, we need to fully discover where your business presence stands in the online world. This includes finding the potentials in the cracks of algorithms by Google, Facebook, and all the others. We have to learn about your business, find out where the market is in relation to your brand and offerings. We then align all our marketing in that direction, and lay the foundations in for your online visibility.

We recommend all our new clients sign up for this package. The knowledge attained from this discovery and systems for analyzing data set in place are universal. Whatever you’re planning to do with your online marketing next this work is a must.

*All marketing packages with 6 months or above contracts include this package. However, sometimes we might need to do the discovery before being able to estimate the amount of work going forward. And, if you decide to sign up for the services the amount is applied to be discounted from the packages.

This package is $3,600 and it includes, to the extent of data available, audit, analysis and consulting in below topics. A full explanation of what we do is outlined further below.


  • Visibility and traffic
  • Interactivity and conversion
  • Market fit and brand perception
  • Content strategy
  • Technology Audit
  • Strategic Consulting and Direction for Growth

The package also includes the setup required for analytics and ongoing online efforts.* (define below that this means setting up seo tools, google analytics, and advertising venues. Does not include a full funnels and/or CRM setup.)

Visibility and Traffic

This round is a series of audits to discern current site performance, future attainable goals, keyword strategies, and more. 

Google Analytics – Using Google Analytics, we review site performance, identifying user behavior and finding points of interest for future work in content development. 

SEO Analysis – Using tools like SEMrush and Google Search Console, we identify keywords to focus content on as well as identify keywords and keyphrases to prioritize making content and updating metadata around, allowing for a more focused development cycle.

Online Advertising Analysis – Using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc. we review ad language, landing pages, and performance, as well as identify performance in relation to analytics and SEO goals.

Social Media Analysis – We review all social media activity and provide suggestions on how to best incorporate social media content with web content. 

Interactivity and Conversion

An audit to discern content interactivity, funnel and promotional opportunities, and generally fine-tune customer experience.

Content Strategy Analysis – We review current content strategy and present our methods for developing content strategies to best capitalize on the personas’ buyer’s journey, providing content that matters to them, enabling a higher conversion rate to grow. 

Funnel and Promotion Analysis – We outline the existing funnel and promotion paths clearly and offer possible alternatives.

Market Fit and Brand Perception

Brand Audit – After meeting with the client and identifying their branding goals, we look through all current marketing materials, website design, and logos, then compare to competitors, SEO, and other variables to determine the efficacy of client branding, offering constructive feedback on what could be improved.

Basic competitive analysis – Using the same process as the Brand Audit, we look at competitor performance and Identify what works and what doesn’t, providing insight on how to best incorporate their successes to the clients while avoiding their failures.

Brand Update Proposal – After completing the analysis of the client and their competitors, we will create a document providing suggestions and strategies for how and where to best improve branding, including site design, logo design, brand voice, social media presence, and promotions. 

Ad Campaign Auditt – Using the advertising platforms the client uses, we will research competitor advertising strategies, compare them to the clients, and provide insightful recommendations on how to improve advertising campaigns and brand voice into their advertising strategies.

Technology Audit

Using tools such as Google Lighthouse, we will test the performance of the client’s website, as well as doing detailed bug tests to identify any issues or design flaws the site has.
Ease of access – We perform a usability test to see how the site performs on various platforms, identifying any issues that could cause a higher bounce rate, and also provide recommendations on any visual issues or design changes that could improve site functionality and user experience. 

Performance – We perform an audit for bugs, load speed, and other performance issues, providing detailed recommendations on how to resolve them and offering services to fix bugs.

Strategic Consulting and Reports

Consultation Initial and ongoing meetings throughout the analysis process to figure out marketing goals and KPIs, informed with our research and findings. We’ll also suggest directions and positioning based on keywords and advertising research.

Reports – Brand direction, advertising, keyword research outcome.

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