Technical Marketing™

Blue Genie provides technical marketing services. What is technical marketing, you might ask?

Technical marketing is modern marketing with a primary focus on data collection and analysis, marketing automation, and data-driven decision making. It’s marketing at its best, empowered with technology.

As your dedicated agency, we take on your online business growth not just as another project but as an addition to our very own business success. Our small and dedicated team is unlike working with a big agency. It’s just downright personal with us, and delivering results for you is what Blue Genie lives for.

See our services below. Check out some of our packages. And, if you’d like to know more about our approach, our technical marketing for success blog should be good primer.

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Establish the foundations for your data-driven marketing, and start generating leads.

Data Driven Marketing

Analysis and optimization is at the heart of everything we do. And, it should be the centerpiece of everything you do for your marketing. After all, we live in the age of more available information, which allows us to get better return on our efforts by taking a lot of the guessing game out. Your successful online presence will completely depend on how well we’re able to work in both presenting information and collecting information which will inform us in all our decisions and directions.
    • Find out data about your customers
    • Utilize analytics tools fully to inform all marketing efforts
    • See how data-driven decision making can help grow


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    We can find out information about your customers, your product to market fit, the keywords people are using to find your business, and more. The work we put into research will inform and increase effectiveness of all your marketing.


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    There’s an old saying in business, “what gets measured gets managed”. This thinking applies to technical marketing fully. It’s critical to put in place the tools to measure and analyze the data gathered.


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    All the technical know-how only goes so far. Business knowledge and experience is what ties it all together. Good thing, we have a massive amount of experience and we care about your business as much as you do. We’re here to guide you through the many aspects of digital marketing.

    E-Commerce Management

    If managing your business online seems like taking on a whole another business, in some ways, it is. Many of the usual things you’d do for business, in general, apply to online business as a separate thing. You have to have presence strategy, weekly reviews, set goals, track those goals, all these things have to be done. And, the challenge is, a lot of the digital era stuff can be new to business owners.
    • Relieve responsibility for your e-commerce
    • Partner with a team with experience in growth

    Goal Setting & Tracking

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    The first step in managing your e-commerce should be setting S.M.A.R.T. goals. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely). We can help you get more specific and give you the tools to measure quality and quantity of all marketing efforts.


    Ongoing Analysis & Adjustments

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    Once we have our goals and measurement/analytics tools in place we constantly monitor progress and make adjustments. Adjusting and course correcting is at the core of all that we do.

    Reporting & Consulting

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    Each of our e-commerce management clients is unique, and we passionately try to meet all the expectations. Most importantly, thanks to the kind of work we do, we can continuously report with specific data, with ultimate goal to show great ROI.

    E-Brand Strategy Consulting

    Your brand is your perceived value. In the end, people not only purchase your products or services but also the perceived value of what’s being offered. It’s vital to make sure you represent your brand in a clear and precise way in this super connected digital marketplace. 

    The brand is also what makes all other aspects of marketing work. It’s, like the foundation of a home, the basis for all good marketing. Good thing, we’ve been building brands for over 20 years and we know how to ask the right questions to really understand your brand. And when necessary, we can offer to lead you down the right pathways, in making sure you have a clear and concise brand that’s easily understood.

      Brand Identity


      Alignment With Market


      Website Development & Maintenance

      When you want to succeed online it’s probably not too surprising that one of the basic principles of marketing applies to your web presence, “you must differentiate yourself”. And, you can be assured that cookie-cutter web design solutions won’t cut it in presenting your identity and brand fully.

      Good web design combines the elements of business understanding, elegant design, reliable coding, and perhaps most importantly, online marketing knowledge. It’s extremely hard, and perhaps ultimately impossible to really optimize your website to work for you if you don’t put the marketing hat on first.  That’s why, at Blue Genie, we focus on the goals we set for your web presence and design and develop towards those goals while measuring success along the way.

      There’s no shortcut to having an online presence that presents you at your very best. Let our 25 years of experience help you in successfully presenting you and your products online.

        Website Design

        User Experience & Flow

        Updates & Maintenance

        SEO & Online Advertising

        These two things make online advertising incredibly valuable and almost always a high ROI decision. First, it doesn’t take a lot of resources to start and begin seeing results. Second, we can drive success through testing and data collection, expanding our efforts based on real data.

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has many levels. At the very least, we have to make sure that people search for your business and can find you. It’s important to put in the work through content creation and paid partnerships to come up on search engines with general searches, so your business can find meaningful connections with the audiences it seeks.

          Search Engine Optimization


          Pay Per Click Advertising

          Social Media Marketing

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