Shepherd’s Dream Case Study

Working with Shepherd’s Dream to increase site revenue throughout the pandemic was an interesting challenge. Helping them transition from showroom sales to an e-commerce platform required tactful marketing and optimization to make the experience easy to understand for both the client and their customer.



Increased Revenue


Increased New Visitors


Increased Monthly Traffic

Project Overview

Tasked with helping the client maintain revenue throughout the pandemic, we were charged with maintaining and updating their e-commerce website, managing their marketing accounts, integrating an effective CRM, and generating content for the site’s blog to improve SEO.

Blue Genie has done an amazing job helping our business stay up to date with web design, digital marketing and SEO needs. I appreciate the attentiveness, rapid progress, and methodical approach to improving all aspects of our e-commerce

Hank Kearns

Owner – Shepherd’s Dream

Our approach

Our first priority was making sure the site was reaching customers and having meaningful interactions, this meant improving advertising strategies and integrating a CRM to help sales teams better interact with customers. 

After we had completed our initial marketing plan and site optimizations, we moved to content generation, improving domain authority, and an effective sales calendar to provide meaningful purchase opportunities for customers. 


Optimize Website


Overhaul Advertising Campaigns


Integrate Customer Relationship Management Software


Create a Content Strategy


Provide Meaningful Sales Opportunities for Clients

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